Sheed Award 2015 Winner announced: Jalal ShamsAzaran

Sheed Award 2015 Winner announced: Jalal ShamsAzaran


The Closing Ceremony of the 6th Sheed Independent Documentary Photography Award was held on Tuesday, February 23 at Shirin Art Gallery.

This ceremony started by a few words from Roshan Norouzi, the Executive manager of the award. In a part of his speech, Norouzi, pointing to a number of problems which occurred on the path of holding the 6th Sheed Photography Award, praised those individuals who assisted the executive procedures of Sheed projects. Referring to the help of Newsha Tavakolian in Sheed Grant and Sheed Academy projects, Norouzi thanked Masoumeh Mollapour, Iman Safayi, Aksnameh Magazine, Javad Montazeri, Farhad Soleymani, Tehran Monoxide Project and the Association of Revolution and Holy Defense Photographers for the Sheed Photography Award Closing Ceremony gifts.


Following this segment, Behrouz Mehri, member of the Sheed Photography Award Policy Council, praised Shirin Partovi, Director of Shirin Gallery, with a plague of gratitude for providing the space for presenting the 6th Sheed Photography Award. Afterwards, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, another member of the Policy Council, praised Mahmoudreza Bahmanpour, Director of Nazar Publications. Bahmanpour had announced in the previous year’s closing ceremony that the photo album of the 6th Sheed Photography Award would be published by this publisher.


Afterwards, with the presence of Peyman Hooshmandzadeh and Farzaneh Khademian, Javid Tafazoli and Mahnaz Nazeri, two winners of the Grant Sheed 2015, were praised. These two photographers, as the winners of two project financial aids, had been working on two photography collections with the subject of environment for the past 4 months.


A video clip of the previous Sheed award was then played, and in the following, the Aksonline Badge was to be awarded to influential photography movements in Iran. Roshan Norouzi, indicating the sisterhood between the Sheed Photography Award and the Tassvir Festival, asked Seifollah Samadian to award two Aksonline Badges.


The first Aksonline Badge was awarded to seven photographers from Azerbaijan for a long-term and group project titled “The (Once) Great Salt Lake” about Lake Urmia, an award which Hossein Sadri received on behalf of this group. The second badge was awarded to Mehdi Monem for publishing the photo album “Victims of War II”.


Afterwards, with the presence of Behnam Sedighi and Arash Khamooshi, several artists were praised as Young Talents, namely, Mahsa Imani, Meead Akhay, Azin Haghighi, Soheila Sanamno, Khashayar Javanmardi, Hamidreza Dastjerdi and Mona Hobehfekr.

After this part, a video clip for the judgment section of the 6th Sheed Photography Award was played, and Meead Akhay, Asghar Khamseh, Jalal Shamsazaran, Soheila Sanamno, Bahar Mohammadian, Shaghayegh Moradiannejad and Mehdi Nosrati stepped on the platform as the nominees for the award. They first received gifts from Arash Khamooshi, Behnam Sedighi, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh and Behrouz Mehri. As the moment of announcing the name of the winner drew close, Behnam Sedighi, jury member of the 6th Sheed Photography Award, asked Mehdi Monem to bestow the Sheed Statue to the winner.


Arash Khamooshi, another member of the jury, announced the name of the winner, “The 2015 Sheed Photography Award goes to Jalal Shamsazaran.”

Jalal Shamsazaran, for his collection titled “These People Without Lake” about Lake Urmia, won the 6th Sheed Photography Award and made his speech in Azerbaijani Turkish. In a part of his speech, he said, “The thought of the lake pain my heart, so much so that I cannot speak.”


Group photos of the participants of the closing ceremony and the award nominees was the final program of the closing ceremony of the 6th Sheed Photography Award.

The 6th Sheed Photography Award was held under the supervision of the Policy Council consisting of Roshan Norouzi, Behrouz Mehri and Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, with the presence of Nader Davoudi, Reza Moatarian, Arash Khamooshi, Behnam Sedighi and Abbas Haji Mohammadi as the jury.